Around the start of covid we had coincidentally purchased our first home. That led to the realization that "I'm a fucking adult" and I could pursue one of my kid dreams of having a telescope - in our newly acquired back yard. One thing led to another, I realized nebula were awesome to look at and explore, and now I've gone down this astrophotography journey.

You'll find me on Astrodon, and sometimes streaming on Twitch.

My primary imaging rig is a Stellarvue SVX152T, equipped with a ZWO 6200MM monochrome camera, mounted on a Paramount MX+. I also have a much more accessible William Optics GT71, which is what I got my start with.

Stellarvue SVX152T
Stellarvue SVX152T
William Optics GT71
William Optics GT71


I hope to embed an Astrobin widget at some point, but for now, take a look at my few examples: @zeeg on Astrobin

Recent Updates

Flat Overcorrection and ZWO EFW Light Leak

December 01, 2022
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